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Introducing the Princess 368020 Smart Dehumidifier 20, a powerful and efficient solution to combat excess moisture in your living spaces. With its silent operation, this dehumidifier is perfect for use in a living room, bedroom, caravan, boat, washroom, or storage room. Say goodbye to musty odors and dampness, and create a healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

Enhanced Moisture Control
This smart dehumidifier comes equipped with a range of features designed to provide optimal moisture control. The easy-to-use App allows you to adjust the settings according to your preference, ensuring a comfortable and dry atmosphere at all times. Set your desired humidity level, activate the timer function, or even monitor the current humidity levels remotely. With the Smart Dehumidifier 20, you have complete control over your indoor environment.

Whisper-Quiet Operation
No one likes the constant humming and buzzing of a traditional dehumidifier. That’s why the Smart Dehumidifier 20 is designed with silent operation in mind. Enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment while the dehumidifier works its magic in the background. Whether you’re working, relaxing, or sleeping, this whisper-quiet appliance ensures that excess moisture is eliminated without disturbing your peace.

Compact and Versatile
The Smart Dehumidifier 20 is not only efficient but also compact and portable. Its sleek design allows it to fit seamlessly into any room, without taking up much space. Move it effortlessly from one area to another, thanks to its lightweight construction. Whether you need to dehumidify your living room, bedroom, or even your boat or caravan, this versatile appliance is up for the task.

What’s in the box?
Smart Dehumidifier, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Princess 368020 Smart Dehumidifier 20:

  • Hassle-Free Operation
  • Customizable Moisture Control
  • Silent operating
  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Suitable for Various Spaces


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