Nilfisk Select Pet

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The Nilfisk Select protects you and your home from the effects of dust and pollen. With this high-performance, power-efficient vacuum, you can not only clean your floors, but also the air within your home.

Did you know that most vacuum cleaners fail to trap pollen and small dust particles? That is not the case with the Nilfisk Select, the effective, compact machine that can remove even the smallest debris from your home. This extra cleaning ability does not come at the cost of using more energy, the Select is one of the most power-efficient vacuum cleaners available. The microparticle trapping ability is thanks to its exceptional HEPA filter. Not only removing pollen from carpets and hard floors, but also from the air. Allowing you to breathe easy.

Allergy-friendly – HEPA 13 filter traps micro-particles and pollen, releasing only clean air. The HEPA 14 filter, on selected models, has the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation.
Dual-use – Effective on both carpets and hard floors.
Energy-saving – One of the most energy-efficient vacuums on the market.
Modern Danish design – minimalist and sleek design for all modern homes.
Extra coverage – the long telescopic tube and 8 m long cable allows you to cover even more surface space.
Quiet – Powerful suction generating low noise.


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