Hoover HF5C7F0X H-DISH 500 Freestanding Full Size Dishwasher in Stainless Steel

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The HF5C7F0X freestanding Hoover H-DISH 500 dishwasher has a large 15 place setting capacity, and is capable to perfectly wash, sanitize and dry any kind of kitchenware, even the most delicate. It is powered by the innovative Active Hygiene Protection system- a powerful treatment which sanitizes your dishwasher as well as your dishes, removing up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

The Power Wash system is ideal for cleaning the dirtiest pots and pans. With an additional six water jets, it rotates and significantly increase the water flow, ensuring better cleaning.

The HF5C7F0X is powered by the innovative Active Hygiene Protection system: a powerful sanitized treatment on baskets and major plastic components, boosted by high cycle temperatures enabled by the dedicated Active Hygiene button.

The new H-DISH has the most spacious TUB in the market (in STD size), providing maximum space for your kitchenware, even the largest items.

H-DISH is equipped with the new Total Care+, a specific set of accessories that ensure the maximum care ever. The dedicated rubber coated supports take care of your most precious and delicate items like crystals, wine glasses and more.

H-DISH is powered by the new SPEED-DRIVE INVERTER, the most innovative and durable brushless motor able to increase the cleaning performance while reducing energy consumption.

Automatic door opening system can be selected on all the washing cycles of the new Hoover H-DISH. During the drying phase, the door will automatically open a few centimetres, enabling the air to circulate allowing the natural drying of the dishes. The duration of the selected cycle will change allowing temperature optimization during the rinse phase and providing a significant reduction in energy consumption.

H-DISH gives you the chance to delay the start time of the wash cycle. You can set the program to start with a delay up to 24h

Smart Basket is now equipped with new foldable racks, which enables you to pull them up or down to gain more space for your dishes in the most clever way.

A dishwasher that talks to you in 25 languages through scrolling digits. The text-display with touch control is so easy to use and intuitive that let you forget the manuals.

Just tap H-DISH on your hOn app and take a picture of the dishwasher basket. The app will automatically recognize the amount, type, material and position of your dishes and will advise you on how to optimize the loading while suggesting the most suitable washing cycle.


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