AEG T8DEE845R 8000 Series 8kg Freestanding Heat Pump Tumble Dryer- White

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It’s the wool sweater guardian
Now you can tumble dry everything you wash. From the softest wool sweater to an everyday business shirt or ski jacket. Dryers with the AbsoluteCare® System have tailored programming to precisely control the movement and temperature of the drying cycle. Preventing shrinkage*. Maintaining shape. Restoring waterproofing. Redefining tumble drying for every fabric in your wardrobe. * Comparable with flat drying of wool
Bespoke protection for your clothes
The programmes in our unique AbsoluteCare® system precisely control the movement and temperature of the drying drum. Woolens are kept flat against the drum to replicate flat drying. Outdoor garments are given just the right amount of heat to restore the full functionality of their waterproof membrane. Every fabric gets the right movement and temperature to dry it completely, while preserving its quality, look and feel.
Safe, low temperatures
SensiDry uses Heat Pump technology to draw moisture out of fabrics at half the temperature of conventional condenser tumble dryers, without significantly extending the drying time. This ensures that fabrics are never subject to unnecessary heat. Your clothes will keep the textures they had the day you bought them for longer and lower temperatures help you save energy too.
Saving you time and energy every day
Our dryers feature ProSense technology, which uses advanced humidity and temperature sensors to adjust the drying time and energy consumption for every size of load – whether it’s a day’s or a week’s worth of washing. This saves time and energy, while gently protecting the clothes that you love and wear every day.
Fuss-free filter for efficiency
Only AEG dryers feature the ÖKOFlow Filter System, an extremely efficient filter that is easy to reach and clean. Conventional dryers have multiple filters. If you don’t clean them all, energy consumption increases. With only one filter, an AEG machine dries every load effortlessly and maintains its effectiveness and energy efficiency.
Shorter drying cycles, better care
Thanks to improved air flow design, AEG dryers dry faster and more efficiently than conventional heat pump driers. So your clothes are better cared for even though the drying cycles are shorter.


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