AEG IKE85751FB 80cm Induction Hob

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AEG Multibridge Induction Hob 80cm IKE85751FB

80cm Maxisense Induction Hob, 5 cooking sections, Windmill design, Left and Right Bridging Function, Hob2Hood, New DirekTouch Controls, Booster, Child-lock, Count up timer, Eco timer, Individual zone timers, Key-lock function, Left & Right Bridge, Minute minder, Pause, Pan detection, Frameless (Slim platform)

More space. More taste. At once

The 6000 Bridge Induction Hob can easily cope when you’re cooking with bigger pans. The Bridge function links two cooking zones on two sides of the hob to fit any large or long pan. The bridged zone will share the same temperature and time.

DoubleBridge. Makes more of your hob

With DoubleBridge, you can combine two cooking zones on two different cooking areas. Perfect for accommodating cookware of various sizes, the feature also aligns temperature and time settings for maximum flexibility in the kitchen.

5 Individual Zone Controls for greater versatility

The 5 Individual Zone Controls user interface allows you to control 5 zones independently for greater flexibility. Each zone has 9 power levels, a PowerBoost function and Hob2Hood® feature.

Heat Memory for precise cooking

Heat Memory stays on top of your cooking. If you spill something or need to lift your pot, the user interface will remember the settings for 120 seconds, so you do not have to set the power level again.

Hob2Hood®: The hands-free hood

The Hob2Hood® function connects the hob and the hood. The cooker hood automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the heat, without lifting a finger. For powerful extraction when searing. And quieter extraction when simmering.

Quicker heat for extra speed with PowerBoost

No more waiting around for pots to boil. The PowerBoost function gives you an instant burst of heat, boiling water in under 90 seconds. It’s perfect for tasks like boiling a large pot of water quickly.


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