AEG BPE948730M Built In Electric Single Oven – Stainless Steel – A+Rated

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Product Overview

Find your signature dish with this AEG single oven. With 71 litres of space inside, there’s plenty of room to make as much as you like. Because who doesn’t want seconds? It comes with lots of different functions, so you can try out all sorts of new recipes. And if you just want a good old-fashioned English breakfast, the grill is sure to get your bacon sizzling perfectly. You can forget about having to scrub away afterwards. A touch of a button will ramp up the temperature to make short work of any stubborn stains. Help yourself to those seconds and put your feet up.

Always enjoy perfect results

When you insert AEG’s food sensor into the centre of your dish, it monitors the internal temperature to deliver perfect results. So, if you’re preparing a roast chicken, simply put the probe into its breast and select the temperature you want it to reach. Then, when it’s done, the oven will automatically switch off to prevent overcooking. This not only takes out the guesswork, but promises delicious results every time.

Burns off grease for an easy clean

Thanks to AEG’s Pyrolytic function, cleaning your oven is easier than ever. When you’ve finished making the dinner, just select the cleaning option from the menu. It’ll secure the door and turn the temperature up to 500°C, so any grease will burn and turn into ash. Then, because all it’ll need is a quick wipe down, you’ll spend less time scrubbing and more doing the things you love.

Easily find your way round the oven

AEG’s Command Wheel makes selecting your preferred settings easier than ever. By turning it, you’ll swiftly navigate between every step of the cooking process. This includes inputting what you’re cooking, choosing how you want it to be cooked, as well as setting the temperature and timer. Because it’s super-responsive and looks great too, you’ll always have control, so you’ll be itching to get stuck in again!

Flavour to savour

Thanks to the assisted cooking feature on this model, you’ll get perfect results every time. It acts as a digital sous chef – all you have to do is choose the food you’re cooking and it’ll automatically select the perfect settings. Everything will taste amazing, and you’ll still get all the credit.



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