Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine CEG5301X Stainless Steel,

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  • ONE TOUCH LCD CONTROL- This sleek, stylish and compact machine features an easy to use one touch LCD touch control panel, where you can easily choose between functions. Simply select single or double espresso to create your perfect coffee beverage.
  • 19 BAR PRESSURE- Delivering 19 bar pressure, our coffee machine’s ensure a rich, aromatic flavour with every cup as water is forced through the coffee beans to achieve perfect barista-style, full-bodied espressos from the comfort of your home.
  • INTEGRATED COFFEE BEAN GRINDER – Make your coffee, your way. The integrated grinder has a 125g capacity and 19 grind settings, so whether you love your fresh coffee slighty weaker or full bodied and strong there’s the exact setting for you.
  • PRE-BREWING SYSTEM- Our pre-brewing system means you can enjoy a perfect tasting coffee. By distributing a quick power burst, our pre-brewing system releases the oils in your coffee beans, providing the maximum amount of aroma and depth.
  • REMOVEABLE WATER TANK- Featuring a large 1.5L removable water tank, you won’t need to worry about awkwardly refilling you machine with a jug of water. Simply unclip the tank, refill directly from the tap and enjoy barista-style coffee cup after cup.
  • AUTO RINSE- Keep your Bean to Cup Coffee Machine at its best with our automated cleaning programmes. There’s no need to worry about cleaning the machine thanks to the auto rinse function, which guarantees cup after cup of great tasting coffee. Simply select the programme to wash your appliance through to prevent any build-up.


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