Is it time for a new Fridge

Looking after your Fridge takes less time than you think. Cleaning is essential and often overlooked. When ice builds up, regularly check for torn seals or the door not always closing tightly. Sometimes warm food is placed in the Fridge, which will cause condensation and end up as ice. If the seal is torn, replace it. It’s an easy fix, and you can probably do this yourself. Thermostats can sometimes be set too low, which will give you a build-up of ice.

Your Fridge must maintain a constant cool temperature. If this is a problem, check the thermostat setting; it may have been knocked to the wrong setting when adding or removing food. Make sure there are no obstructions around the hinges that let air in if the problem is still there, then make certain the condenser coils at the back of the appliance are clean and not obstructed or damaged.

Before calling for help, make sure the drain hole is not blocked. This can be easily fixed and will help keep your Fridge working well. If, in the end, only a new fridge will fix your problem, we stock Beko, Candy, Hoover, Iceking, Montpellier, PowerPoint, and Servis, to mention a few and can have it delivered and working within hours.

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