AEG 6000 series washing machine

Ideal for large households with a high volume of weekly washes!

  1. 8kg capacity drum with 1400rpm spin speed.
  2. Extra heavy-duty build quality.
  3. Large door aperture for easy loading/unloading
  4. Low noise operation of only 76db
  5. The AWG 6000 has pro-sense technology and will automatically adjust water consumption, electricity usage, and wash duration depending on how much laundry, type of fabric, and soil level you load. It is saving money with every wash and still gives you an excellent wash
  6. Easy to use, the layout of the main controls is just right.
  7. ‘Time Save’ function, the AEG 6000 will speed up programmes meaning you get your clothes out quicker, handy for the kid’s uniforms when they forget to tell you what is needed for the next day! The only downside of ‘Time Save’ is that it will use more energy
  8. Extra Features, the AEG 6000 will wash your duvet on a special programme, extra water function allows more water in each cycle, including rinsing. Ideal for people with allergies
  9. This washing machine is backed up with a full 5-year warranty covering both parts and labour.
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